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Tunnel of Trees: A Road to Make You Crave a Great Ride

Majestic.   Splendid.   Spectacular.  Michigan.

In digging around for out-of-the-way rides to enjoy during a stay at Bluegreen's Mountain Run at Boyne, I found what sounded like the kind of road I've always imagined was out there somewhere just waiting for a driver to discover.  From the way the route is described, this isn't an experience you'll want to miss while on your Boyne vacation and it's one you'll return to through several seasons, just to watch the landscape unfold.

Heading north, sixteen or so miles outside your door will get you to the quaint little must-see town of Petoskey, Michigan. Sitting on the Traverse Bay shore, this is a popular tourist spot as the guidebooks go with plenty to see, eat, and enjoy.

But if you're looking to venture off that trodden path (which, I suppose, is your entire reason for reading this blog), continue past Petroskey and take 119 just past Harbor Springs.  This road will take you to the place all those adjectives up there were made for, Michigan's Tunnel of Trees.

The Tunnel is approximately 20 miles long, and depending on your mood can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours to navigate. If you've got some time to get away, throttle down for a slow cruise under the winding canopy of trees hugging the shore of Lake Michigan.   You'll alternate between views of restful shore and deep woods described as "travel magazine picture-perfect".

Naturally, Summer, Spring are great times to drive, and Autumn is a favorite with leaves falling at high color to blanket your path.  If you're an impatient driver, the only weekend you may want to skip is Labor Day when the road fills with groups of bicyclists enjoying the view.

I'm told that besides pausing at landmarks like the Middle Village, Devil’s Elbow and the Old Council Tree, you should be sure to stop at the Good Hart General Store, one of the oldest in the state, and Legs Inn at Cross Village, a beautiful rustic-style restaurant of wood and stone.

Don't just take my word for it.  Ami Woods at says,

"Traveling the Lake Michigan coastline is one of the most majestic and awe-inspiring tours permissible by car. "

I'd say it's an experience to be added to your list while on a Boyne Mountain vacation.  If you've been there already, leave us some tips!

Photo credit:  Buckster

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