Road trip planning guide with day trip ideas by car, motorcycle, bicycle, or RV, highlighting vacation stays at beautiful Bluegreen Resorts.

"A man who couldn't make things go right could at least go." - W. Least Heat-Moon, Blue Highways

Closer to the Road

It wasn't until we got to Daytona, Florida that I discovered a real appreciation for a good stretch of asphalt.  Of course I did that the hard way.

On a wild-haired impulse we'd packed up and moved South with some friends who asked for help in starting a new business concept, renting motorcycles. I'd never even been on a bike but didn't want to pass up the chance to become part of something new and untested. As it turned out, we did more than simply testing the biker waters, and for the next 8 years we lived leather and breathed Harley fumes helping lots of vacationers fulfill their riding dreams. Along with bikes, we'd provide riders with routes, little-known local facts, hidden restaurant gems, and suggestions for great places to stay. Later, we'd get involved with car rentals and eventually RVs.  As new ventures go, the experience was a lot richer than I bargained for.

One of the things I didn't bargain for was dropping a company Harley, a very  hard way to get some fast respect for pavement, and a great way to freak out company management, in this case, my horrified husband. Since I wanted to continue riding, I quickly gained a sharper eye for hazards, and right then and there started paying more attention to stories from other riders. Experience, that funny little hard-nosed teacher, gives you a lesson in what makes all the difference.

Helmet-deep in the world of biker culture, I also got a very good introduction to what I call Roaders- the people who go on a good drive for the sake of the journey alone, and for the remarkable or unusual things they find along the way. They're a little more inclined to slow down and have a conversation with you about the little places they've happened to roll up on, or take a little extra time to point you in an interesting direction. That's the spirit of what I hope to accomplish here.

While I haven't personally been to all of the places I'll write about (yet!), I'm going to rely on resources from The National Scenic Byways or State Wildlife Trails to start. The majority of the best tips will eventually come from you. By adding your experience and knowledge to the comments, you'll help make this a real resource for Bluegreen Resort travelers and anyone else who enjoys a good ride.

As the saying goes,

It's not about the destination, but about the Journey.

What's your best idea for a day trip?  If you've got experiences to share, just drop a comment.

Let's go.

Photo credit: StrawberryMarmalade, DeviantArt


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