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San Francisco Peaks: 31 Mile Flagstaff to Grand Canyon Road Trip

This week we're continuing on our Arizona road trip from Bluegreen Resorts Cibola Vista, and are heading from Sedona through to the Grand Canyon. There's plenty to do while in Flagstaff, and if you've made a stop, the road adventurer and nature photographer in you is about ready to continue and find out what's around the next bend.

Let me introduce you to the San Francisco Peaks Scenic Road. You're not going to be disappointed.

Take a peek: 

Head north on route 180, to the 31 miles of roadway that comprises some of the most scenic you'll find in this corner of the Colorado Plateau.  Though you've left the desert just a few hours ago, you'll now be treated to the sight of snow-capped mountain peaks as you make your way through juniper and pine forests.  Three peaks come into view here, Humphrey at 11,940 feet, Agassiz topping out at 12,300, and Fremond at 11,940.   These are the mountains the Navajo believe mark the tribe's rightful western boundary, and both the Hopi and Havasupai also consider the mountains sacred, to be looked upon with awe and reverence.  It's a point of view not difficult to imagine.

Stops along this road to your Grand Canyon destination can include the Riordan Mansion State Park where you'll find the estate of a couple of lumber barons Michael and Timothy Riordan, or the Lowell Observatory.

There's so much to do on an Arizona road trip, you may want to book some extra time for your Cibola Vista stay!

Next week:  The one and only, Grand Canyon.

Photo Credit:  Durand1035 on DeviantArt

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